Global Agrifood Tech Alliance

VivaTech Special Events

14 Thursday 2023

Tasting the Future: Diversifying Protein Sources
Protein is a vital nutrient for human health, but producing it from animals comes at a high environmental cost. How can we diversify our protein sources and reduce our reliance on livestock? From plant-based meat substitutes to insects and more, we explore the benefits and challenges of alternative protein sources.
Adapt to Survive: Climate Change and Food Production
Climate change and demographic growth are driving the food industry to innovate for sustainability and efficiency. As we face a future with more frequent natural disasters, reduced crop yields, and increasingly scarce resources, it is essential that we explore innovative ways to sustainably produce food. How can technology help us balance the need for efficient food production with environmental sustainability? What are the latest breakthroughs in food production that can help us adapt to a changing world?