Global Agrifood Tech Alliance

Sustainably transforming food systems through innovation and technology.

Who we are

In 2022, a handful of agrifood tech actors recognized a common challenge as companies striving to revolutionize our food systems through technology and innovation. While innovation is crucial to tackling the pressing food problems we face, these pioneering actors often find themselves underrepresented in global decision making fora. We believe there is an imperative need to bridge this gap. That's why we launched the Global Agrifood Tech Alliance — a community aimed at gathering all the agrifood tech players that are developing the sustainable solutions and innovations needed in the agriculture and food sectors.

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Fresh taste for people and planet.


Meet for Earth.


Reinventing the food chain.


Innovations for a more sustainable food system.


Where tech meets nature.


Make the abundant benefits of plants accessible to all.

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Joanna Gordon Director

The current food systems are outstripping our planetary boundaries and depleting the Earth's resrouces.
In order to build the sustainable systems needed to nourish people without consuming the planet, innovation is crucial.