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Together we challenge the status quo.

Together we transform food systems through innovation and technological solutions.

Together we aim to sustainably feed the world without consuming our planet.

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Who We Are

There is no question anymore that the current food systems are outstripping our planetary boundaries and depleting the Earth’s resources. In order to build the sustainable systems needed to nourish people without consuming the planet, innovation is critical.

The Global Agrifood Tech Alliance, founded in 2022 by agrifood tech actors, is a membership based organization that gathers the players across the agrifood tech ecosystem that are developing and delivering the sustainable solutions and innovations needed in the agriculture and food sectors.


I. Raise the overall visibility of the agrifood tech sector
Agriculture and food are the leading contributors to environmental change. However, on the global stage, there remains a lack of awareness of the urgency to address how we produce, distribute and supply food.
– Bring attention to the environment and social impact of current ag food practices;

– Unite and act as a global collective voice for the agrifood tech actors that are developing and deploying sustainability solutions;

– Raise the overall profile at policy, government, business, and consumer levels and demonstrate the game-changing potential of the agrifood tech sector.
II. Become the leading resource for agrifood tech players
The GATAlliance community, through its activities and initiatives, nurtures the community of agrifood tech innovators and startups and supports them on their positive impact and growth journeys.
– Build a strong and active community of impact-positive agrifood tech startups and entrepreneurs by creating an environment where peers can freely share experiences, reach out for insight, raise questions, or exchange

– Deliver a series of knowledge workshops to support members on topics ranging from how to industrialize scale to what it takes to be an impact native company

– Guide agrifood tech startups on the different SDG & impact tools and promote the use of consistent standards and guidelines to strengthen the credibility and legitimacy of the overall sector
III. Lead global advocacy programs to promote the development of the sector

No other area has as far reaching impact on the overall economy, global trade, employment, and environment, as the agriculture and food sectors. The shift to and wider adoption of new agrifood tech models have broad implications that governments and policymakers need to understand and plan for.

– Conduct future scenario research projects to frame the impact at a systemic level of the agrifood tech solutions

– Mobilize attention and investment of governments and policymakers around challenges such as regulatory constraints or high capital requirements that are hindering the scaling of the agrifood tech sector

– Incubate industry think tank focused on addressing emerging issues and challenges linked to new agrifood technologies